As well as taking care of Miss Hybrid's investments, I assist Miss Hybrid with the mundane day to day issues of running the estate, less mundane issues of staff morale, and the downright not mundane at all issues of satisfying glamourous, kinky ladies.

A couple of months ago, I acquired a new camera and tried it out by taking a few more candid pictures of my employer.
I posted some of the results on her forum, and it seemed that they were very well received by the members there, even if the quality was not great. Since then, I got myself a small video camera, which I secreted in my briefcase and use to film secretly. I have posted some of this footage on the forum as well. Miss Hybrid has let it be known that as long as she does not catch me actually taking the pictures and/or film, she is happy for me to show them to you, her fans.

With Lord B being away or bed bound a lot of the time these days. The Manor has numerous CCTV cameras dotted around the place, to satisfy Lord B's perverted, voyeuristic pleasures. I have wired into the main feed and as the opportunity arrises I will be streaming for you. Now I have this website where I can show you more of these behind the scenes and candid pictures and video. For fans of my Mistress, this site is a must see. I do hope that you enjoy seeing what goes on in the life of a Real Kinky English Lady.

Felix - Miss Hybrid and Holly Kiss (50 Images)
Miss Hybrid Has her friend Holly Kiss on the bed and she lets me take some snaps for #MissHybridLive

Felix - Rabbits Reviews Miss Hybrid (29 Images)
Miss Hybrid wanted to wear her cap and gown to do a photoshoot for Rabbits Review. Rabbits Review is the number one adult review site and Miss Hybrid spends a lot of her time perving over the sites. She often wears the T shirt featured here, for nights out, she does like to get noticed!

Felix- Masie Dee On The Sybian (69 Images)
A few photos from when Masie came to stay. I took these on the iPad, to use for #MissHybridLive on twitter. Masie Dee is a voyeur's dream come true. Miss Hybrid was watching as Masie was supposed to be cleaning. Mistress Hybrid caught her wanking, red handed. Masie Dee was made to ride on the Sybian. I hope you enjoy. Felix

Felix- Beach Voyeur (33 Images)
Beach voyeur pics from Felix The Worm

Felix- Miss Hybrid, Maid training (35 Images)
Miss Hybrid puts Masie Dee and Honesty Calliaro through their paces.

Raven Lee Through The Window (29 Images)
I was kicked out from the pool room but luckily the blinds were slightly open!

Felix-Nurse Flesh Light (100 Images)
I caught some great snaps before Mistress caught me. I am now wearing the cock cage, for the foreseeable future

Felix Miss Hybrid Gape (63 Images)
Miss Hybrid had gone with Lord B to the Castle in Scotland. It wasn't long before she gave him the slip

Garden Sundial (3 Movies)
Some sneaky footage of Miss Hybrid wanking in the garden

Ed Stable CCTV (3 Images)
Spying on the antics in the stables

Come inside the manor and see my candid photographs, video and CCTV footage 
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