As well as taking care of Miss Hybrid's investments, I assist Miss Hybrid with the mundane day to day issues of running the estate, less mundane issues of staff morale, and the downright not mundane at all issues of satisfying glamourous, kinky ladies.

A couple of months ago, I acquired a new camera and tried it out by taking a few more candid pictures of my employer.
I posted some of the results on her forum, and it seemed that they were very well received by the members there, even if the quality was not great. Since then, I got myself a small video camera, which I secreted in my briefcase and use to film secretly. I have posted some of this footage on the forum as well. Miss Hybrid has let it be known that as long as she does not catch me actually taking the pictures and/or film, she is happy for me to show them to you, her fans.

With Lord B being away or bed bound a lot of the time these days. The Manor has numerous CCTV cameras dotted around the place, to satisfy Lord B's perverted, voyeuristic pleasures. I have wired into the main feed and as the opportunity arrises I will be streaming for you. Now I have this website where I can show you more of these behind the scenes and candid pictures and video. For fans of my Mistress, this site is a must see. I do hope that you enjoy seeing what goes on in the life of a Real Kinky English Lady.

My personal illustrated diaries, 438 pages of the naughty antics of Miss Hybrid is available inside, you can see a preview of it here.

Felix - Vicky Caught (30 Images)
I am very proud of my excellent work. I wish Miss appreciated me more. I do not get the acclaim which I deserve. She just uses me when she want's a quick fuck or to entertain her friends.

Felix - Magic Wand Spy (116 Images)
I was delighted to be able to catch these wonderful, behind the scenes photographs of one of Mistress Hybrid's latest shoots. I hope you enjoy my handywork. Felix

Felix - 12 Bore Nipples (12 Images)
I managed to grab these fabulous photos photos of Miss Hybrid, mid photoshoot. The things do to bring you the best from the Manor.

Felix - Secret Cam Onboard ( )
I was lucky enough to time perfectly, the placing of the secret cam in Miss Hybrid's cabin. I got some lovely candid film of her getting dressed for dinner. Felix

Felix - Behind The Scenes From A Recent Shoot (75 Images)
I was lucky enough to grab these photographs, while helping out at a recent shoot.

Come inside the manor and see my candid photographs, video and CCTV footage 
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